SPIE sees to the comfort of Ghelamco stadium

Type of project  Private facilities 
Client Ghelamco Group
Place Ghent
Duration 6 months


At the request of the Belgian real estate developer Ghelamco, SPIE took charge of the HVAC installation of the new stadium of KAA Ghent. A prominent club of the professional football league, KAA Ghent had been playing on the same pitch since 1920.
The expertise of SPIE Belgium in HVAC techniques ranges from design to maintenance. Appropriate solutions were implemented in the new stadium in Ghent to optimize its installations and improve its energy efficiency. In addition to heating, ventilation and air conditioning, SPIE’s employees brought their skills to bear in air treatment, plumbing, boilers and fire protection.

Thanks to the HVAC installations put in place by SPIE Belgium, spectators in the bleachers are assured of conditions of hygiene (CO2, odours, pollutants) and safety (fire dampers in the ventilation, smoke extraction) compliant with the regulations in force as well as an enhanced level of comfort, in particular with a regulation of ambient temperature, irrespective of the season.
In the year it was inaugurated, the Ghelamco Arena was awarded a citation at world level for its progressive design. It is moreover the first ecological stadium in the Benelux: Rainwater is collected and used for the sanitary facilities and lawn maintenance. owadays. The pickling product and residues are withdrawn and totally destroyed to minimise their impact on nature and the environment. As a Class 1 company, we comply with all the standards and requirements on the matter.”

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