HVAC installation of Bosuil stadium in Antwerp

CLIENT Ghelamco Group
Duration 9 months


Following the successful project at the Ghelamco stadium in Ghent, SPIE Belgium was tasked with the HVAC installation for the renovation of the main bleachers of Bosuil stadium in Antwerp.
Bosuil stadium, home of Antwerp, Belgium’s oldest football club, was also able to benefit from the expertise and skills of SPIE Belgium: optimization of comfort and HVAC installations given the increasing capacity of its bleachers (7,000 additional supporters).

The expertise of SPIE Belgium in HVAC techniques extends from maintenance to design. Appropriate solutions were deployed to improve the energy efficiency of the new bleachers. In addition to heating, ventilation and air conditioning, the SPIE staff brought their expertise to bear in air treatment and fire protection.

Thanks to the HVAC installations put in place by SPIE Belgium, spectators in the bleachers are assured of conditions of hygiene (CO2, odours, pollutants) and safety (fire dampers in the ventilation, smoke extraction) compliant with the regulations in force as well as an enhanced level of comfort, in particular with a regulation of ambient temperature, irrespective of the season.

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