SPIE Belgium wins new 15-year energy performance contract for the Flagey Building

SPIE Belgium wins new 15-year energy performance contract for the Flagey Building

Brussels, 4 October 2022 – SPIE Belgium, the Belgian subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, recently won a new 15-year energy performance contract for the Flagey Building, the former headquarters of the Belgian National Institute of Radio Broadcasting, located in Ixelles, south-east Brussels. There are two other parties to the contract – the engineering consultancy and energy management specialist, Deplasse & Associés, and the Flagey cultural centre in Brussels.


This new energy performance contract, which was awarded in April 2022, consolidates the collaboration between SPIE Belgium and its long-term customer, Flagey. Whereas the Belgian subsidiary's teams previously worked exclusively on the technical facilities of the former Radio House (or "Flagey building") as instructed under two earlier 10-year contracts, SPIE will now also help to improve the energy performance of this landmark building on Place Flagey in Ixelles. 


The purpose of this contract is to achieve an annual energy saving of €20,000, which equates to €300,000 over its entire term. These figures are based on rates calculated as at December 2018. The current spike in energy costs will mean that the projected savings should be even greater. 
A series of measures designed to gauge and reduce the consumption of various other resources within the building will also be carried out at the same time.  


This is a three-party contract between SPIE Belgium, its client, Flagey, and the engineering consultancy, Deplasse & Associés. For more than 25 years, this consultancy has been providing building maintenance inspections, designing technical facilities and carrying out energy performance contracts while committing to achieving the required performance levels.


Pierig Thiry, Business Unit Manager at SPIE Belgium: "A contract like this, in which a project agency actively monitors energy use and works together with the building operator, is unheard of. Funding for the various energy-saving projects will be provided by a banking partner and government allowances will be granted for the installation of a heat pump. Basically, the costs of any investments will be written off for Flagey when the contract ends. Ultimately, rewards will be given for exceeding energy targets while penalties will be imposed for failing to meet those targets."

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