EPC and multisite management for the Building Authority

CLIENT Building Authority 
PLACE Brussels and Wallonia


After two years in a public contract procedure, the Services division of SPIE Belgium concluded a first Energy Performance Contract (EPC) with "Régie des Bâtiments/ Regie der Gebouwen"

The objectives of an energy performance, maintenance and comfort contract are to ensure an improvement over the long term in energy efficiency and the state of a set of existing buildings, while optimizing the comfort of the occupants. Régie des Bâtiments/ Regie der Gebouwen entrusted SPIE Belgium with the assignment for 12 of the buildings (9 in Wallonia and 3 in Brussels) which it rents. Several major structures are concerned, such as the Treasury of the FPS Finance in Brussels or the FASFC in Liège. 


Concluded for a maximum term of 11 years, this contract pertains to the ecologically responsible management of the operation of the installations and works that will be carried out on the buildings.  Under the segment devoted to operation, the contract comprises the overall maintenance, providing a total guarantee on all the technical installations. The actions of SPIE pertain to environmental engineering, electricity and sanitary installations as well as the safety devices.


The monitoring of the energy part of the contract is guided by a specific protocol, the “Measurement and Verification Plan” (MVP).  Its preparation and implementation have made it possible to fix an energy efficiency objective that SPIE has undertaken to attain and maintain. Particular attention has been paid to the installations that have an impact on energy consumption and, on the whole, SPIE has proposed nearly 50 projects geared to reducing it.


The contract comprises also preventive and curative measures to ensure the proper operation of systems (including repairs) and the maintenance of condition scores, the expected result being a reduction in consumption while maintaining and even improving the comfort of the occupants.


“SPIE Belgium convinced us with its excellent references, thorough understanding of the specifications and above all the quality of the offer quoted. The cooperation is going very well despite the difficulty in implementing such a contract. We hope that we can be proud of having chosen the ideal partner in the years to come.”  Hugues Malherbe, Consultant, Facility Project Manager at "Régie des Bâtiments/ Regie der Gebouwen"

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