Are you a contractor or real estate manager looking for local support in operating, running and maintaining your technical systems? The Building Services Division of SPIE Belgium offers high value-added service for your infrastructure — shopping centres, industries, hotels, hospitals, offices, etc. — to ensure performance and comfort over the long term.


Our areas of expertise

From engineering to the maintenance of multiple technology systems, the expertise of the Building Services Division covers all technical services related to your buildings:


Technological advances and energy-efficiency

Building Services combines the latest technologies with energy efficiency to ensure optimal daily maintenance of your systems and minimise their consumption.

Our support includes all technical assistance services:

Digitalisation for effective management

Our online management platform, SMART FM 360°, centralises, manages and analyses building maintenance and operating data. In real-time, you can monitor the maintenance operations being carried out on your systems. This innovative solution, available from anywhere and from any type of terminal, ensures interconnection of systems, services and users. A tangible contribution to performance and response to environmental impacts.


The benefits of remote management



Our strengths

Improved comfort

Carrying out preventive maintenance remotely to increase comfort for you and building occupants.

Providing a quality service

We provide high quality practical solutions that are in line with your financial requirements.

Increased reliability

Our eco-responsible approach contributes to the smooth running of your systems, increasing their durability.


Regular maintenance and efficient management of your systems are major factors in reducing your operating and running costs.

The challenges of tomorrow

Adapting to climate change is a major challenge for professionals in the building sector. At SPIE, we incorporate this into every aspect of our organisation, at every level. Our Building Services Division is committed to an eco-responsible, energy-efficient approach to building management.

Solutions with high levels of energy efficiency

Ensuring optimal energy performance is both environmentally friendly and helps anticipate future developments.

Data-driven design: moving towards smart buildings

By collecting smart building data, we are able to ensure greater flexibility and efficiency in our buildings, helping ensure longer lifetimes.

Energy Performance Contracts (EPC)

Our support in the implementation and monitoring of your Energy Performance Contracts (EPCs) means constantly helping you reduce your consumption.


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