Building Projects is the division of SPIE Belgium that carries out technical system projects for buildings. Commercial centres, industrial and hospital centres, public buildings, data centres... Whether you are looking at a new build, a renovation, a complete overhaul or only a partial change, whatever your project is, SPIE is a trusted partner for all your technical systems. Electrical, heating, air conditioning, lighting, sanitation, fire detection or plumbing, our Building Projects Division gives you a single point of contact to ensure your works are handled properly.


Comprehensive management

Are you a decision-maker or property investor looking for a single partner for your technical works? From consulting to construction, from design to implementation, commissioning and optimisation of your infrastructure, our division’s versatile and skilled teams provide innovative, comprehensive solutions.


Our areas of expertise

The Building Project Division covers all building technical services:

Coordinating perfectly with contractors, our solutions are functional, local and environmentally friendly.


Optimising building sites

Digitalisation is quickly becoming a permanent feature in our organisations. Today, our digital modelling system for technical operations (Building Information Modelling – BIM), is fundamentally changing how we manage our building sites.

The benefits:

  • coordination and layout of mechanical, electrical & piping design tasks
  • cost control (greater certainty in calculating lots)
  • timeliness
  • quality improvement by detecting and anticipating on-site issues
  • real-time adjustments
  • sustainability


Our strengths

« We stand out because of our use of multiple technologies. We thus facilitate the coordination of all specialists involved in the construction of our clients’ buildings. »

Pierre Van Den Eynde,
Building Projects Division Director



Our expertise in all areas of building technologies is a real asset in making your most ambitious projects a reality.


Through our geographical spread and our culture, we are close to our clients. We are also fully present at the building site at all stages.


By developing customer loyalty, we prioritise quality over volume. Our division has forged a reputation of excellence through our reliability and professionalism.


We adapt our technologies to the progress and specifics of each project. Our solutions are constantly being redesigned to ensure buildings of the highest quality.

Green Share

With our focus on excellence in innovative technologies, over 40% of our projects are classified as ‘green’, according to EU criteria.

The challenges in our sector


Working towards a low-carbon future

At SPIE, we are working towards a more sustainable world. We aim to make a positive difference in our sector, which needs to aim for greater energy efficiency through new technologies and regulations.

The circular economy

Advocating for a sustainable approach by making maximum use of short-circuit reusable construction materials is a key component in the new ‘zero waste’ economy.

Working towards new health standards

Anticipating any changes to ventilation health standards in our designs ensures that our projects are more resilient to the uncertainties of the present era.

Data-driven design, moving towards smart buildings

By collecting smart building data, we are able to ensure greater flexibility and efficiency in our buildings, helping ensure longer lifetimes.

Building adaptability

Designing flexible and multi-purpose buildings comes in response to new ways in which spaces are used. In the future, all buildings will need to be multi-purpose.


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