Connection to the grid and complete cabling of four wind farms


At the cutting edge of wind energy
SPIE Belgium has taken charge of the connection to the grid and the complete cabling of four windfarms. These major missions make SPIE a reference on the Belgian renewable energy market.

The first contract, executed on behalf of Siemens Wind Power, consisted of the installation of low-voltage cables for the windfarm at Rieme (Ghent) and their connection at the level of the wind turbines and their transformers. A first mission was rapidly followed by a second for Apiravi, a key player in renewable energy sources in Belgium.

In the Assenede (Eeklo) windfarm, SPIE Belgium connected six wind turbines to the Elia grid.

SPIE Belgium executed a cabling contract in the Meer (Antwerp) windfarm on behalf of Siemens Wind Power and a complete renovation of the windfarm of the Hedersbrug (Bruges) electric power station for Engie via Wind4Flanders.

The knowledge of techniques involving low and high voltage cables, the specific expertise on cabling and the good contacts with the Elia grid manager are the winning assets that make SPIE a reference in the windfarm and renewable energy sector in Belgium.

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