The Infrastructure Division of SPIE Belgium primarily focuses on national public infrastructure and technological advances for towns and smart mobility systems with a special focus on traffic management solutions (smart traffic). Are you responsible for running public transport — airports, rail services, buses, waterways, tunnels, roads, etc.?  Or are you part of a traffic management authority? Our aim is to provide a personalised solution that best meets your expectations and user requirements.


Our areas of expertise

From consultancy to design and project management, the Infrastructure Division provides you with a wide range of skills: automation, production and assembly, development, infrastructure management and communal facilities, including safety and environmental protection. Our employees specialise in electrical and mechanical engineering and automation.



Pour donner vie au monde de demain, nous devons comprendre nos clients, ainsi que les enjeux économiques, sociétaux et environnementaux de leurs projets.

« We stand out because of our use of multiple technologies. We thus facilitate the coordination of all specialists involved in the construction of our clients’ buildings. »

Mario Brusselmans,
Infrastructure Division Director


Focused on our clients

Although SPIE is active in a market that operates almost exclusively via calls for tenders, we aim to establish long-term partnerships with our clients. Our excellent relationships are founded on our constant search for tailored, innovative solutions.

Handling the entire project life cycle

Our Infrastructure Division acts as a genuine solution integrator. We offer comprehensive services based on the latest technologies, optimisation, project management and maintenance.

Teams of experts

Our employees have access to a range of training courses (technical, safety, management, skills, etc.) as well as professional development opportunities in their daily work.

The challenges of tomorrow

As one of the main contributors to the Green Share of the Group, our Infrastructure Division strives to help its customers limit their environmental impact.

Innovation at the forefront

We pursue a proactive approach based on the latest technological developments, with a focus on innovations that are environmentally friendly (such as e-mobility).

Searching for the smartest and most sustainable solutions

Sustainability is our core concern. We support our clients with an approach based on sustainable and continual development, ever searching for “smarter” solutions.

Energy efficiency

Limiting energy use by infrastructure is one of the major challenges in coming years. We help our clients stay ahead of the curve in reducing their energy consumption. This involves optimising use as well as introducing specific technologies.


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