Cointe Tunnel

PLACE  Cointe Tunnel
CITY Liège


SPIE Belgium won the preventive and corrective maintenance contract for the electromechanical equipment of the E40/E25 motorway link, better known under the name of Cointe Tunnel.

SPIE Belgium is proficient in many techniques such as dynamic sign systems, vehicle counting, remote management, radio retransmission, remote control of public lighting, the CCTV which comprises everything to do with fixed and mobile close circuit cameras and the MAN network.

Nearly 12.5 km of motorways in total are monitored round the clock, year round. Thanks to the cameras, the operator can detect any problems in the connection, aided by an Automatic Incident Detection (AID) system which relies on various algorithms to detect accidents or stops and trigger an alarm. The operator can then react accordingly and send a scenario that will adjust all the signs to close a lane on the motorway or even the tunnel. Thanks to the complete remote control system put in place, SPIE always has an automatic return of information transmitted in case of a technical problem (broken lamp, defective sign). 

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