SPIE Belgium installs 252 new charging stations for the transport company De Lijn

SPIE Belgium installs 252 new charging stations for the transport company De Lijn

Brussels, October 25, 2022 - Under a framework agreement concluded in 2021, SPIE Belgium, a Belgian subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, is providing De Lijn, the Flemish public transport company, with 252 additional charging stations for its fleet of electric and e-hybrid buses.


The energy transition is in full swing at De Lijn. Last year, the public transport company concluded a framework agreement with SPIE-Ekoenergetyka, a new entity created by SPIE Belgium and Ekoenergetyka, a Polish company specializing in electric charging infrastructure. The contract includes the delivery, commissioning and maintenance of charging stations for electric and hybrid buses at De Lijn depots. Since the signing of this agreement, a first series of charging stations have already been delivered, installed and put into service.


Based on this successful first collaboration, De Lijn is placing a new order with SPIE for 252 additional charging stations for its depots - including those in Destelbergen and Genk. The charging stations are scheduled to go into operation in 2023-2024. For this new project, SPIE Belgium and Ekoenergetyka have achieved excellent results in terms of total cost of ownership and technical specifications.


For Ann Schoubs, General Manager of De Lijn, this is an important step in making public transport more sustainable. "As part of our goal to offer a zero-emission public transport service by 2035, the implementation of the necessary infrastructure for their charging is a crucial step, to which SPIE Belgium and Ekoenergetyka have contributed significantly."


Hein Dirix, Managing Director of SPIE Belgium, is delighted with this new assignment at De Lijn: "This type of project fits perfectly with our ambition to actively contribute to the ongoing energy transition, while helping our customers achieve their sustainability goals."


A partner of SPIE Belgium, the Polish company Ekoenergetyka is also firmly focused on a greener future. "Our numerous cooperations are the best proof of the quality of our solutions, and show us that the transition to public transport without direct CO2 emissions is already a reality. The charging infrastructure we are developing meets local requirements and is usable for all electric buses on the market. The scope and implementation of the De Lijn project requires the most innovative charging solutions. Our advanced technology and solutions will continue to support the development of direct emission-free transport within De Lijn," said Maciej Wojenski, co-founder of Ekoenergetyka-Polska S.A.


With this new assignment for De Lijn, SPIE Belgium confirms its presence in the electrification market and further develops its technical expertise.

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