SPIE Belgium installs solar panels on the Centre Hospitalier de Mouscron

Brussels, January 23rd , 2018 – SPIE Belgium, a subsidiary of the SPIE Group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has been working in the Centre Hospitalier de Mouscron (CHM) for a number of years. It installed solar panels in an unused area of the hospital’s roof at the end of September 2017. A look back at this success story.

The Centre Hospitalier de Mouscron is one of SPIE Belgium’s most long-standing customers. A team of 2 to 4 staff members has been permanently working on site for many years. The reason for this is that, aside from renovation work, an infrastructure of this scale requires frequent intervention in order to service and maintain systems such as access control, lighting, fire detection, etc.

The Centre Hospitalier de Mouscron has almost 395 beds and 1,300 staff members, ensuring continuous functioning 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In 2017, the hospital naturally looked towards SPIE when it came to optimising the management and use of energy.

It did not take long to make the decision to use a free space on the roof to install the solar panels. With its extensive experience in this area, SPIE Belgium performed this task in just two weeks, and did so without slowing down the activities of the CHM. 

Mattias Bilcke, Project Engineer at SPIE Belgium, is delighted with the performance, which further reinforces the excellent relationship with the Centre Hospitalier de Mouscron: “The client’s expectations were very clear: good value for money, maximum yield from the available surface area, and under no circumstances could the work interfere with the smooth running of the Centre. The Centre Hospitalier de Mouscron praised SPIE for the approach it proposed, its supervision on the site, the execution of the work and the final result, which fully meets all its expectations.


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