As corporate citizen, SPIE has made diversity one of its priorities. This is reflected in the determination to ensure equal opportunities for all in the Group, and takes form through a diversity charter, communicated to all employees, as well as our clients, suppliers and partners. SPIE has also created a Group Diversity Committee, composed of representatives of the Group’s subsidiaries, to define priority actions and keep track of their advancement. 

The aim of this approach is to improve diversity in all its forms: men and women, young and old, diversity of social, ethnic or cultural origin, as well as persons with disabilities. 



As corporate citizen, SPIE Belgium decided to take its corporate responsibility even further and to make diversity one of its priorities on all fronts:  men and women, improving employment for persons with disabilities, a harmonious distribution of generations and diversity of origins. In this connection, SPIE Belgium works with Actiris, the main stakeholder and supplier of solutions for employment in the Brussels-Capital Region. 
The action plan with Actiris is based on a diversity assessment of the workforce of SPIE Belgium. It is based on the analysis of four areas of intervention: HR management, organization of work, organizational culture and external positioning. Clear objectives are set for each of the four areas. They constitute the “diversity” plan which has a two-year timeframe. At the end of that period, Actiris assesses the action plan and draws up a report which serves as the basis for the diagnosis of the new plan.


SPIE Belgium introduced the So’ SPIE Ladies awareness raising network to increase equity between men and women in the work environment. The network is entrusted with three missions: enhance professional quality and boost diversity among the teams, promote better career development prospects for women, and raise awareness about diversity among men and women. One of its means of action: organising workshops which, depending on the topic at issue, will be diverse or reserved for women. Women account for 14% of SPIE Belgium’s managers. 


SPIE Belgium, in cooperation with the association Time4Society, undertakes to provide 130 workdays per year so that its employees can get involved in societal and environmental projects. 
Employees who wish can thus participate in one of the social or environmental projects supported by SPIE. These projects cover widely diverse areas:  cleaning of parcs and weeding out invasive vegetation, logistical support during a festival for persons with disabilities, restoring buildings for an association that helps adults facing difficulties, etc. 
Every year, more employees take part in these days which enable them not only to discover a professional and social environment that is different from theirs but also to meet colleagues from other divisions during useful team building activities.