SPIE chooses diversity as one of the cornerstones of its human resources policy

A specific action plan to be rolled out over two years

Brussels, January 11th , 2018 – SPIE Belgium, a subsidiary of the SPIE group, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has reached a new milestone in rolling out a diversity plan in partnership with Actiris. In doing so, it has pledged to strengthen its public-spirited approach and put effective initiatives in place in all of its subsidiaries.

As a socially responsible company, SPIE Belgium has vowed to make an even greater contribution to society and make diversity one of its key priorities. This issue has long been at the heart of SPIE Belgium’s concerns, with the goal being to ensure greater male-female parity, improved employment prospects for disabled workers, a balanced generational mix and multi-ethnicity. However, the company has decided to go even further still, by putting in place a concrete action plan and a charter detailing its commitments regarding diversity.

SPIE Belgium has therefore joined forces with Actiris, the leading provider of employment solutions in the Brussels-Capital Region. According to Actiris, diversity represents a genuine success factor for a company, providing it with wealth on both a human and economic scale.

Actiris’ action plan is centred on performing a diagnosis of diversity within SPIE Belgium’s workforce, by examining four areas of focus: human resources management, work organisation, corporate culture and external positioning.
Clear objectives have been set for each of these four areas. Together, they make up the ‘diversity plan’, which shall run for two years. Upon completion, Actiris shall assess the action plan and draw up a report that will form the basis for devising a new plan.

At SPIE Belgium, we’ve always held diversity to be one of our key issues. This approach has resulted in initiatives such as So’SPIE Ladies (male-female parity) and the ‘Diversity’ theatrical production, which we’re going to roll out amongst SPIE Belgium’s various Business Units in 2018. It has also seen measures put in place for recruiting people of different backgrounds, and providing flexible working hours and arrangements to older employees”, explains Jean-Pierre Martin, Human Resources Director at SPIE Belgium. “However, we felt that the time had come to go even further and make diversity a key priority, which is why we’ve called on the assistance of Actiris. We are now seeking not only to make all our employees more aware of the importance of diversity, but also to promote a positive and open social dialogue with our staff representatives.”